Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emails from Ella... #2

Hello all...

Ella here, reporting on week 6.  I like being 6 weeks!  Gramma came over the other day to visit me and I made sure I pulled my high maintenance routine. 

Mommy has being trying to keep me in my straightjacket (aka swaddling blanket... this term was clearly invented by the retailers in order to soften its concept to the general public)  lately at night, but i've figured out how to strategically work my arms out...then i just cry until she takes me out.  What a pushover....pppfffftt.

Daddy's even worse, I burp and he goes mental..it's like he's never heard a burp before.  I get all this "good girl!  that's my Ella!"  I wonder if i should tell him it's all a ploy for praise? 

Mommy introduced me to the mirror the other day.  I love it...i love me.  I'm super adorable.  Aunty Berks bought me a cool tie dye shirt from Berkeley and I love it!  I look super great in it, makes my chub look thinner.  My favorite toy so far is from Aunty Aud...it's this crazy horse thing...i drool as soon as it comes near me.  Who wouldn't?

 Well, that's my report for now, ttfn!
 Miss Ella

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