Friday, February 11, 2011

I now have cheerios in my purse instead of lip gloss....

5 things in my purse before I had a baby

1. the latest super fun lipgloss
2. a shiny purple compact with mirror
3. mints in a tin that says “sassy”
4. business cards in a case with "ooh la la" and a poodle on the cover
5. cute pink printed Kleenex with “diva” printed on them

5 things in my purse after I had a baby

1. Cheerios, god love them
2. wet wipes in a scrunched up ziploc bag
3. wad of kleenex (which may or may not have baby snot on it)
4. blistex because every inch of my body is dry and cracked now for some godforsaken reason
5. hand creme….ditto….

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