Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I always knew I had the crazies...

Hello Girlies,

I've always been extremely comfortable vacationing from time to time in Crazyville.  I treated my crazies as the gift it was....with it came creativity, a drive to succeed and a tad of outrageousness that people seemed to appreciate.  Most of my antics resulted from my Type A Driver personality and my ridiculous workaholic tendencies which often left me anxiety ridden and perfection driven.

When I had my daughter, I felt a shift in the crazy force...I had wondered if it would disappear seeing that I wasn't going to be working and all.  Nope!  It transferred over to my new career....mommyhood. Add to that complete sleep deprivation and wooo freeken hooo, here we go!

Now that I look back I can see more clearly how loop de loop I went, however, at the time, I insisted I was completely sane.  An example sil vous plait?....

The hubby and I were running a couple errands and he parked in a huge almost empy (like 5 cars) lot accross from the baby store so that I could breastfeed in semi-private.  When I was finished Dave wanted to slowly drive the car closer to the store entrance (like drive 2 miles an hour accross 4 parking stalls with zippo cars even close to us).

He, clearly not being completed settled into my new crazy state yet, suggested I hold onto the baby instead of putting her in the carseat.

I absolutely lost my mind....it went something like this "Are you &**%$$# crazy!  What the hell would happen if an asteriod came crashing down and hit the car and Ella flew out of my arms.  Who'd be sorry then!"  Perhaps if my therapist had been there she would have offered me a xanax right then and there.  No such luck.
Anywho,  so begins the crazies of mommyhood, and my first post.

Stay tuned,

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